Want Better Hires? Rethink Your Process.

Broad Reach Strategies

  • Making excellent hires is a leader’s most important responsibility.  Few other decisions can have more long-term impact on an organization’s success.  A great hire provides an immediate and sustained surge, while the direct and indirect costs of a bad hire are huge.
  • Unfortunately, the traditional hiring process has been shown to be only 14% accurate at choosing the best candidate.  One out of seven!
  • Fortunately, new brain research has revealed why we make so many mistakes.  That knowledge has led to hiring strategies that can increase accuracy to over 90%!  In a competitive environment that can be the difference between business success and failure.
  • In this workshop, Steve Chapman, President of Broad Reach Strategies, will discuss simple methods that leaders in any business, large or small, can use to identify (and keep!) better employees.
  • This will be a non-technical presentation – less about theory and more about providing practical methods to enhance your business success.  Improving your hiring accuracy pays huge dividends, and the strategies presented here are easily adopted by any business owner.  Come learn how to assemble the best possible team for your money.

Presented By: Steve Chapman, Broad Reach Strategies

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